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Why Should I Attend Private School?  

Choosing between private and public high school can be nerve wracking. Here are a few things that set independent schools apart.    

If you’re deciding whether to send your child to public or private high school–or if you yourself are looking, you may be asking yourself: What makes private school worth the investment? What benefits are offered that aren’t available at the public alternative?  

While many institutions value education and provide a solid foundation for students, a private, boarding school education offers unique advantages that are worth your consideration.  

Read below for four reasons you should attend private school. 

High Academic Standards Will Help You Reach Your Potential 

Private schools tend to have robust curricula and graduation requirements, challenging students more – and in different ways – than the standard public high school experience. Students might be required to become proficient in a second language or create individual and group presentations demonstrating their mastery of a discipline. Some require an advanced capstone project at the end of a subject area’s course of study. 

Cheshire Academy is the only boarding school in Connecticut to feature a full International Baccalaureate Programme® – a highly respected curriculum worldwide that cultivates the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to excel at the university level and thrive as global citizens. Paired with the research-based strategies of CA’s signature Roxbury Academic Support Program and comprehensive college counseling, the Academy’s approach ensures students are able to reach their potential.   

Living Together at a Boarding School Creates a Strong Sense of Community 

The tight-knit, dynamic community that is a boarding school campus helps students see themselves as individuals and provides a safe environment to take risks, make choices and thrive. It also prepares students for the future by allowing them the chance to learn to live well with others long before attending college. 

At Cheshire Academy (CA), we believe learning takes place everywhere – not just in the classroom. Our art studios, athletic fields and courts, dining hall, and dorm rooms provide students with a vibrant, stimulating place to better understand themselves and the world around them. Five times a year, students and faculty gather for themed Community Weekends with special menus, activities, and more to build camaraderie. Programming on weekends at CA is exciting and filled with fun student activities, trips to parks, shops, galleries, theater performances, cultural food establishments, and more. 

Prep Schools Offer Individualized Attention 

With their smaller class sizes, private schools help students form closer relationships between classmates and teachers. Students at independent schools often report feeling encouraged to participate and not as intimidated engaging with peers. Teachers get to know students well and tailor teaching styles and projects to the specific members of each class. This connection prepares a student for college-level work and acclimates them to the concept of professors’ office hours and class presentations.  

At Cheshire Academy, students are partners in forging their own path. With strong guidance, they identify their strengths and challenges and are encouraged to delve deeply into their interests and passions. Students can even designate an Art Major or Music Major, preparing for advanced study in art, design, and music in college with extra studio and rehearsal time. Student-athletes shine at coaches’ showcases that often lead to college sports commitments.  

You’ll Thrive with Enhanced Extracurriculars and Athletics at  Private School 

Boarding and day schools often offer a host of after-class activities, trips, and opportunities. Students might be required to participate in special extracurriculars, discovering talents and interests they didn’t realize they had. 

There is always something to do at Cheshire Academy! The Afternoon Program is part of the educational philosophy and campus culture, and students have dozens of clubs, teams, performing groups, and leadership opportunities to engage with classmates and friends. At CA, high school students even have the chance to participate in on-campus internships in their areas of interest – practicing interview skills and learning professional practices along the way.  

After school hours, the school’s “extended campus” includes the quintessential New England town of Cheshire, CT, filled with unique boutiques, pizza parlors, coffee shops, and more for students to safely explore. And on weekends, students might hit the gym, sign up for a community volunteer opportunity, or join a bus trip to a museum, outlet stores, or beautiful Long Island Sound.  

Think boarding school might be for you? 

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