Many students come to Cheshire Academy knowing they love the arts; others discover their passion while attending. All of our students experience the process of creating art and learning to be more imaginative in solving problems — whether it’s in the keyboard lab using technology to build new sounds, the digital photography studio exploring shooting and editing techniques, or on stage developing dramatic tone and movement.

The arts teach you many lessons; at Cheshire Academy, you’ll learn that problems often have more than one solution, and you’ll see that there are many ways to look at and interpret the world. As you work in the Fine and Performing Arts Department, from painting to piano, you will likely encounter unanticipated possibilities.

With our campus located just 20 minutes from both New Haven and Hartford, Cheshire Academy students have an array of opportunities to catch performances and exhibits outside of the community. Class field trips and weekend evenings out might include a trip to the following venues:

Alumni Artists

Rockwell Kent.

Cheshire Academy celebrates a long history of esteemed alumni artists, dating back to famous American painter, writer, and printmaker and alumnus Rockwell Kent (1882-1971) and colonial-era furniture maker Lambert Hitchcock (1795-1852) known for the iconic “Hitchcock Chair.” More recently, many of our alumni have pursued careers in the visual arts, such as Andrew Fezza ’72, celebrated fashion designer and entrepreneur, who is often described as the “Giorgio Armani of America.” 

PJ Yesawich ’01, independent creative director and visual artist, recently directed and produced an ad for Samsung Mobile and a 2013 Super Bowl commercial. Renowned sculpture Robert Perless ’55 continues to produce stunning works of art that grapple with “the energy latent in the world.” Light, transformations and motion characterize his sculptural and architectural body of work.