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Day students and their families are a vital part of the Academy community.

Parents of day students are invited to get to know their children’s advisers, and to encourage their children to take full advantage of the Academy’s academic, athletic, and social life. Many day and boarding students develop strong friendships that last well beyond their time at Cheshire Academy. In addition to bonding during classes, sports, and activities, day students often host boarding students at their homes during the shorter vacations, or even just for a weekend away from campus.

Similarly, all day students are assigned a dorm, where they are able to spend a night on campus with boarders and get a taste of dorm life. Many day students spend time with our boarders, taking advantage of weekend and evening activities, like “Fire-Pit Fridays” by the turf field cheering on our teams, trips to movies and shopping centers in the area, dinners out, or even just hanging out at the Student Center for an evening of foosball and television. All day students are welcome to enjoy all meals on campus, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the week. Some activities, like our Community Weekends, are required for day students, as these weekends are designed to build community and school spirit. Day students are encouraged to attend Community Dinners with our boarding students and faculty, though these are not required.

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