Get information on Commencement and other year-end events [Click Here](https://cheshireacademy.org/commencement/)
Get information on Commencement and other year-end events [Click Here](https://cheshireacademy.org/commencement/)
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Over its history of more than 225 years, Cheshire Academy has always looked forward to the future, whether it was welcoming returning veterans of the Civil War, admitting women as day and boarding students, or providing education to newly arrived refugees.


For CA to envision its next 200 years, the school community recognizes the need to put environmental sustainability at the forefront of education. From student leadership clubs to celebrations of Earth Day, energy saving investments and gardens and trails across the 104acre campus to class curriculum, Cheshire Academy is committed to a globally sustainable future. 

The core values of Cheshire Academy are reflected in the Eight Pillars of Bowden. The Academy’s commitment to these principles of respect, responsibility, caring, civility, citizenship, morality, fairness and trustworthiness guides its approach to environmental sustainability and stewardship. Cheshire Academy promotes respect for the natural world, a sense of responsibility towards future generations and the notion of global citizenship through curricular, co-curricular, service and afternoon activities.  I’m proud to work with students, all staff, administration, and our Board of Trustees to be an example of true global citizenship.”


Sustainability Coordinator Jennifer Dillon 

Student Involvement

Eco Leaders at the 2019 Nature Conservancy Symposium (Yale University).


The Eco Leaders is a student-driven organization dedicated to advancing environmental sustainability at the individual, local, and national levels. Students lead campus and community projects such as beach cleanups, Earth Day celebrations, dorm recycling, and much more. 

Coalition for a Sustainable Cheshire 

Students and faculty at Cheshire Academy volunteer with the Coalition for a Sustainable Cheshire, a nonprofit organization that facilitates collaboration between local organizations, government, and citizens for implementing environmentally sustainable, culturally vibrant, and socially equitable projects that improve the quality of life for Cheshire residents. 


LED lighting, implemented in 2019.


100% renewable electricity through CAIS consortium solar panels installed on the Gideon Welles Dining Commons, John J. White ’38 Science & Technology Center, and Facilities Building.  Projected 258 kw design.




Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day 2021 – Beach cleanup with Save the Sound nonprofit organization


Held annually on campus, the Cheshire Academy community gathers on Earth Day to discuss some of the pressing issues facing the environment, and how students can help serve as stewards of the Earth for generations to come. Each year offers a new theme, with the most recent being “When the World Works Together.” Invited speakers live around the world and meet with students in person and virtually to educate students about global sustainability. 

Keynote speakers have included James Albis, senior advisor to the commissioner for Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection; Daniel Esty, Hillhouse professor at Yale University and former DEEP commissioner; and Bijal Vachharajani, an author residing in India who has dedicated her life to raising awareness about climate change. 

Following a schoolwide discussion with the keynote speaker, students break into groups for a variety of programs, such as cleaning up area beaches, assisting at local farms, attending virtual trips, and learning how they can make a difference in the world. 

Elkay Water Refill Stations

These bottle filling stations have been installed in all common spaces on campus, significantly cutting back on the number of plastic bottles being sent to landfills. The stations have filters to reduce lead and other contaminants from getting into the water, offer touchless sensor activation for easy and hygienic use, and have an auto shutoff to prevent accidental spillage. 


While all classes at Cheshire Academy educate students on how they can be good stewards, some classes converse deeply about how they can make positive and lasting impacts to better the environment, and communities. Starting in the 9th-grade year, and continuing through the PG program, there are offerings available in a number of academic departments.  


Modeling Climate Change 

Students enrolled in the Modeling Climate Change course explore how economic models and projects are affected by climate trends, the business of sustainable energy, and the role that changes in weather patterns are playing in war zones, migration and immigration, radicalism, and natural disaster cleanup and recovery. 


9th-grade seminar – The Environment, Justice, and You 

This course demonstrates the ways that environment and justice intersect, and how individuals can work to understand and take action against injustice. Students explore current environmental justice issues and learn how to see inequities through a multi-modal lens. 


Global Issues 

Students in the postgraduate program all participate in this global investigation of interconnected topics. An investigation into the historical causes of climate change, its modern-day impacts and the many policy debates surrounding the fight to combat these current and future impacts takes students around the globe from Washington D.C., to small Pacific Island nations. 

Community Involvement

“Over the summer of 2020, I worked with the Coalition for a Sustainable Cheshire on a task force that distributed compost bins to Cheshire residents and educated others on composting. I was able to get involved with this group through Cheshire Academy’s environmental club Eco Leaders. In this task force I became a co-leader of the education/marketing team. I learned a lot working on this project and saw more than 90 compost bins get distributed to Cheshire residents!” -Aishlinn Parrinello ‘23 


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