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From academics to athletics, Cheshire Academy’s PG Program takes you to where you want to be.

Cheshire Academy’s Postgraduate Program is for students looking to strengthen and develop their academic skills, improve their academic portfolio, and prepare for their next step of attending college.

The program is a comprehensive experience specifically designed to help graduates of a traditional high school transition to a college curriculum, well prepared for the requirements and expectations of life after high school.

If students are interested in a postgraduate year for college recruitment, we encourage them to explore our athletic team pages and fill out our prospective student-athlete form

Cheshire Academy coaches work to gain exposure for our talented athletes, resulting in a high placement record for many alumni athletes. The Roxbury Program director and a dedicated staff of masters-level instructors have professional experience in education at the secondary and post-secondary levels and are skilled in meeting a range of learning needs.

In the Classroom

PG students are able to round out their academic portfolios by pursuing their interests and passions while preparing themselves for the increased course workload demanded at the college level.

During their time at Cheshire Academy, PG students learn and hone critical skills, such as time management, public speaking, and focused study habits.  The program begins in the fall semester with a focus on the college preparation process, including discussions about college athletics and the recruitment process, and practicing for interviews. In the classroom, PG students learn about leadership and financial literacy, rounding out the semester with a project on a topic of their choice, presented to the class.

In recent years, for example, students developed a business plan for a mobile application and researched Tommy John surgery.

PG students conduct independent research on and off site during the spring semester to complete their postgraduate project, and are required to record a declamation speech based on the theme “This I Believe.” Both serve as culminating academic and intellectual milestones, and demonstrate how prepared the student is for college and the pursuit of a career.

The full course of study for the Postgraduate Certificate includes a minimum of five classes per semester. PG students also participate in two seasons of afternoon activities

On the Field (or the Court!)

The PG year serves as a time to experiment academically and push one’s self to take a challenging, rigorous course load while gaining a level of freedom and flexibility in his or her studies.

PG students are supported by the program’s advisor and by our College Counseling Office team. Each PG student is assigned a college advisor who provides a concentrated, individualized plan designed to help the student—and parents—carefully manage the college research, decision, and admission process.

Postgraduates are also eligible to participate on our athletic teams, as sanctioned by the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC). Cheshire Academy coaches work to gain exposure for our talented athletes, resulting in a high placement record for many alumni athletes in a range of sports.

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On Campus

For PG students—especially for those who have not lived away from home yet—the option to live on campus provides a college-like experience, but with much more support and guidance. While they live independently with roommates and dorm mates, they also receive attention, care, and even a level of camaraderie from their teachers, dorm parents, advisors, and coaches.

On campus, PG students serve as role models for their younger peers. They are expected to set a good example, step out of their comfort zones, and explore different courses and activities, from student leadership and community service to the arts, and even a sport they may not have yet tried.

For international students, the PG program is an ideal way to further develop and mature in the U.S., and prepare for success at an American university. Our international PG students bring their own unique experiences to the community and share their perspectives with other students. Together, they learn about the diversity and connectedness of our world.

All students enrolled in the program have the opportunity to learn more and develop respect, care, and understanding of different cultures and value systems. Upon completion, postgraduates strengthen their areas of success and are provided support for fields of study in which they intend to grow academically.

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