How to Apply

We are thrilled that you are applying to Cheshire Academy!

Below you will find a helpful outline of the steps necessary to complete your application, and here is a check list to help with the process.

We continue to accept applications for all grades on a rolling admission basis as long as spots remain available. Please contact the Admission Office if you need additional time. We will be flexible and supportive in any way we can throughout the process, as we don’t want any student to miss the opportunity to attend CA in the fall due to application issues.

Application Steps

1. Connect with Us
We’d love to hear from you. Submit an inquiry form so that we can get a dialogue started and introduce you to what Cheshire Academy has to offer. Have questions? Schedule a Zoom with someone from admissions, or call or email us for assistance at 203-439-7250 or admission@cheshireacademy.org.


2. Begin Your Application
We are currently accepting applications for grades 9-12 and PG for the 2021-2022 school year. If you are interested in making an immediate school change, please contact admission@cheshireacademy.org for additional information.

In order to apply to Cheshire Academy, please complete and submit SSAT’s Standard Application Online (SAO). Within the SAO portal, all applicants are required to submit biographical information about themselves and their family, three recommendations, a parent statement and a few short essays.

If you’re applying for grade 9 or 10, please provide transcripts for the current and previous school years. If you are applying for grade 11, 12, or PG, transcripts for all years completed at the high school level will be needed.


Admission officers are available to ease the process and answer any questions about our application by calling 203-439-7250, or by emailing admission@cheshireacademy.org.


Gather and Submit Recommendations

Recommendation forms from a current English and mathematics teacher, as well as a guidance counselor or head of school, must be submitted along with the application. These forms are available through SSAT’s Standard Application Online (SAO) and are submitted via this site as well.


3. Register for Standardized Tests (optional)
We believe that standardized test scores are only one component of a student’s application and not a determining factor in predicting success at Cheshire Academy. For the current admission cycle, Cheshire Academy will be test optional.

Students are welcome to submit standardized test scores, but this is not an application requirement, and those who choose not to do so will not be disadvantaged in the admission process. Should you choose to submit a standardized test, below are guidelines on suggested tests.


Students in the U.S

For 9th grade and 10th grade applicants, you may register to take the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) through the SSAT website or by phone (609-683-4440). Be sure to list Cheshire Academy as the school to which you are applying. We will also accept the ISEE for 9th grade and 10th-grade applicants in lieu of the SSAT. If you choose not to take the SSAT or ISEE, you may also submit results from State or County mandated testing from the past two years.


For 11th grade, 12th grade and PG applicants, you may submit results from the PSAT, SAT, ACT or State or County mandated testing from the past two years.


International Students

For applicants whose first language is not English, we require a recent test of English aptitude. The most common test our applicants take is the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) which can be done at a testing center or, temporarily for those in countries with public health concerns, via TOEFL’s Special Home Edition test. Visit the ETS website or call 609-771-7100 for more information. Cheshire Academy’s TOEFL code is 8672. Alternatively, we also accept the IELTS and Cambridge English Exam. If there are special circumstances which make these three options impossible, please reach out to us for approval to submit an online English text like Duolingo or Pearson.


4. Schedule an online interview
Schedule your interview by calling 203-439-7250 or emailing admission@cheshireacademy.org

During the online interview, an admission officer will speak one-on-one with the applicant for approximately 30 minutes. The talk is informal, and our goal is to get to know each student better and to answer any questions. After the interview, parents are welcome to join the discussion for interview feedback or to ask any questions about our programs or the admission process. The parent portion is optional, not required, and upon your request can also be scheduled at a separate date and time if that is more convenient for your family.


Once the online interview is complete, you are welcome to schedule an in-person campus tour. Tours are primarily conducted outdoors, as we need to limit the number of guests going into school buildings. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful campus!

Information for International Applicants

Cheshire Academy provides an in-depth support system for parents, consultants, and students from overseas.

Cheshire Academy is home to students from more than 31 different countries, many of whom chose Cheshire Academy because of its reputation as one of the best private schools in the USA. Students from around the world have attended the Academy since 1850, making the New England boarding school one of the first to enroll international students.

Cheshire Academy offers a unique support system for international students that includes ESL and individualized academic assistance through the Roxbury Academic Support Program, and the option to participate in the IB Programme and earn an International Baccalaureate Diploma.

With guidance from academic advisors and the International Student Office, families from abroad have an in-depth support system that works to communicate with consultants, parents, and students, providing a true student-centered learning and living experience.

Once you are accepted and enrolled at Cheshire Academy, the International Office will issue an I-20 so that you can obtain your student Visa in time for travel to the United States. You may contact the International Student Life office with any questions.

Key Dates

Feb. 1: Deadline for Admission Application and Financial Aid Application. (Contact the Admission Office if you need additional time. We will be flexible and supportive in any way we can throughout the process, as we don’t want any student to miss the opportunity to attend CA in the fall due to application issues.)

March 10: Applicants notified of CA admission and financial aid decisions 

April 10: Enrollment decision deadline for accepted students