Meet the Academic Office

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you might have about the academic program at Cheshire Academy. 

Laura Longacre

Student Support Coordinator

203-439-7378 email: Laura Longacre MORE

Jaimeson Lynch

IB Coordinator; English Teacher

email: Jaimeson Lynch MORE

Marc Aronson

Dean of Curriculum; English Teacher; Varsity Golf Head Coach

203-439-7464 email: Marc Aronson MORE

Sharyn Iadarola

Administrative Assistant

203-439-7240 email: Sharyn Iadarola MORE

Ana Abbagnaro

Registrar & Curriculum Coordinator

203-439-7264 email: Ana Abbagnaro MORE

Rachel Wright

Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs

203-439-7219 email: Rachel Wright MORE