Language Department

Language classes exist to open students’ minds not just to other linguistic systems, but also other ways to categorize and explain realities, other ways of viewing and interpreting the world, other cultural norms, and other perspectives on life and its priorities. Our language classes establish floors of knowledge on which students build higher and higher structures of understanding.

“For me, the most important thing is that students learn to appreciate that failure is a natural step on their way to success. It makes students more self-aware, independent, and capable of tackling challenges. Once they realize this, nothing can stop them.”

— Language Chair Kaitlin Mehleisen

Kaitlin Mehleisen

Language Chair; Coed Track and Field Coach; Kindness Club Advisor


Calvin Cooper

Spanish Teacher; Varsity Girls' Soccer Assistant Coach; Coed Skiing Assistant Coach


Yvonne Hewu

Mandarin Teacher

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Laura Longacre

Student Support Coordinator; Language Teacher

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Katie Cooper

English Teacher; Language Teacher