History & Social Sciences Department

The History & Social Science Department is where Humanity comes alive at Cheshire Academy. This is the place where we answer the deep questions about what the world is like, how it got to be this way, and how it might be different if we made it better. We start with what we know and, critically, what we THINK we know, and build to a larger understanding of the ways in which we’re all connected.

“Preparing students means empowering them to find their voice in relation to the pressing issues of today. When students can place themselves and their lives in the context of history, that’s the moment they’ve become global citizens.”

— History and Social Sciences Chair Jennifer Dillon

Jennifer Dillon

History & Social Sciences Chair; Sustainability Coordinator

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Matthew Fonts

History Teacher; Fourth Basketball Head Coach

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Mike LaSpina

History Teacher; Varsity Football Coach

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Margaret Leeming

History Teacher

203-439-7606 email: Margaret Leeming MORE

Andrew McBreen

History & Social Sciences Teacher; Girls' Varsity Volleyball Assistant Coach

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Jason Mis

History Teacher; JV Boys' Soccer Head Coach

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James Rogers

History Teacher

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Caroline Brasa

Roxbury Academic Support Instructor; History & Social Sciences Teacher; Varsity Girls' Basketball Head Coach; Varsity Girls' Volleyball Head Coach

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