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SCI 341/342: Astronomy

In this introductory course, students investigate the nature of the universe and how we know about it. Concepts of scientific evidence and justification, structure and evolution, and understanding humanity’s place in the universe are emphasized as we learn about the solar system, stars, galaxies, and cosmology. Students develop an understanding of and ability to practice […]

SCI 331/332: Engineering

In this course, students see science, mathematics, and engineering through the real-world connections made in the classroom. They see how these disciplines play a major role in their everyday world and the importance of being scientifically and technologically literate. The course focuses on the design process and its application. Topics include mechanisms, energy, statics, materials, […]

SCI 321/322: Biotechnology & Forensic Science

This course sharpens student pattern recognition, observation, analysis, and critical thinking skills. Students are challenged in this course to consider, at a deeper level, the implications of subjects like biology and skills like deductive reasoning in the real world. Students engage in the scientific study of searching and processing crime scenes, as well as the […]

SCI 300: Physics

Physics reveals the mathematical beauty of the universe at scales ranging from subatomic to cosmological. It is the study of nature in an attempt to understand how the universe behaves. Physics students investigate topics including an in-depth conceptual and quantitative investigation into motion, forces, energy, and electricity and magnetism, and learn to appreciate the development […]

CSC 331/332: Big Data

What do Google and Amazon do with all the data they collect every day? Data science is booming. Fundamental to this course is the difference between scientific experimentation, statistics, and big data. Students in this course learn some of the tools that data scientists use to get value from huge amounts of data. Students complete […]

CSC 321/322: Coding

This course is an introduction to the exciting, rapidly growing world of coding and teaches structured program logic. Students discover the role computation and analysis of animation can play in solving problems. They learn the process of writing and debugging a program through algorithms and simulation. Good style and logical thinking will be emphasized throughout […]

CSC 311/312: Web Design

We spend tremendous amounts of our lives surfing the web, but what is it, and how do the pages we work, shop, share, read, fight, and get information on come to be? This course explores the inner workings of how websites come to be and operate. This project-based course introduces students to the wide world […]

CSC 300-IB: Computer Science SL1/SL2

This course studies creativity within a global context. It raises awareness of the moral, ethical, social, economic, and environmental implications of using science and technology and the possibilities and limitations associated with continued developments in IT systems and computer science. This teaches computing system fundamentals, program construction using Java, systems life cycles, and software development. […]

MTH 420-AP: Calculus AB

PLACEMENT IN THIS COURSE REQUIRES APPROVAL BY THE DEPARTMENT CHAIR. This fast-paced, college-level course in single variable calculus explores the interpretation of graphs and tables as well as analytic methods. Students must be confident with prior mastery of precalculus concepts. Department approval is required to enroll in this course. The primary topics of this course […]

MTH 410-AP: AP Statistics

PLACEMENT IN THIS COURSE REQUIRES APPROVAL BY THE DEPARTMENT CHAIR. This is a non-calculus-based, college-level introductory statistics class. This course explores problems in many fields, including business, science, sports, and public policy. Students should be confident with high school math through Algebra II or its equivalent. Department approval is required to enroll in this course. […]

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