Resources and updates for the 2023-2024 school year - for CA students, parents and families - are available [Click Here](https://cheshireacademy.org/resources/)
Resources and updates for the 2023-2024 school year - for CA students, parents and families - are available [Click Here](https://cheshireacademy.org/resources/)
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DEI at Cheshire Academy

Cheshire Academy inspires students to become curious about the world, and we encourage all community members to engage in a culture of open dialogue and courageous conversations. Using the school as a model of systems with its interdependent parts, we seek to raise confident global citizens of agency and humanity.


DEI Commitment Statement


Cheshire Academy has been, for more than 225 years, an internationally minded community that celebrates the uniqueness of the individual while encouraging curiosity, interest, and appreciation for other cultures, traditions, backgrounds, and experiences.


Our students and families, faculty and staff, and alumni represent multiple identities, among them race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, gender identity and expression, ability, sexuality, learning style, and family composition. We know that as individuals, we are better and stronger for understanding, knowing, and appreciating others.


We are committed to fostering an environment of belonging, safety, and connectedness that actively seeks to dismantle systems that create policies and procedures which favor one group over another, through an inclusive and antiracist lens. Diversity in perspectives, worldviews, and experiences allows our students to grow increasingly able to thrive as global citizens.


 — Head of School Julie Anderson


Academy-Wide Intentional Efforts


Cheshire Academy is currently undergoing a comprehensive review of the school’s culture, systems, policies and procedures, and resources to ensure equity and inclusion best practices in every aspect of the school.


“The flags of Gideon Welles Dining Commons were the backdrop to my fondest memories as a student at Cheshire Academy. They represent the native countries of past and current students, and symbolize CA’s history and value of diversity and inclusion. Our efforts to foster a sense of belonging for the community will reach every corner and angle of school life.”

— Tanasia Lea ’09
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Diversity Club

Diversity Club embraces different cultures and strives to create a world with better understanding and open-mindedness. Club members build connections with each other and whomever to initiate well-informed and meaningful conversations. Student Equity Team: The Student Equity Team (SET) is a leadership group for those interested in fighting against discrimination, racism, and bias. SET members learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts to develop the skills needed to listen empathically to others, gain an appreciation for individual differences, and engage in civil discourse.

Asian Student Union

The Asian Student Union strives to educate and spread awareness about the various Asian cultures that enrich society, while simultaneously striving to damper the hold racism and xenophobia have over those that identify as Asians. 

Black Girl Coalition

The mission of the Black Girl Coalition is to empower, educate, and equip young Black women to tackle social problems they might face or have already encountered. The Coalition wants to uplift and educate whilst providing a safe space that will be a supportive and respectful environment that is understanding of each other’s different experiences. The club aims to give students the tools to create change in the community and help others do the same.

The Coleman Group

The Coleman Group is a mentorship group that aims to empower young women at Cheshire Academy by developing their voice, their leadership skills, and their knowledge of topics that influence their gender. The Coleman Group is both a leadership opportunity and a network of supportive female relationships that prepares young women for success and overall well-being at Cheshire Academy and the world beyond.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) provides a space for students who identify as Black to connect and learn more about their own diverse cultures and experiences. The BSU seeks to increase awareness of issues impacting the Black community and promote social justice. Working with the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the BSU will help develop programming to celebrate Black culture throughout the year including Black History Month and MLK Jr. Day.

Gender/Sexuality Alliance

 The Gender/Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is a group of students who are allies for those who not only identify as gay or transgender but also those who identify as a minority. The GSA sponsors social and educational events that celebrate diversity and individual differences. The group is a member of True Colors and GLAAD, two statewide organizations that provide resources and support to GSAs.

Latiné Club

Latiné Club provides students with the opportunity to identify, share, and learn about Latin people and culture. The Latine Club will aim to recognize other languages, cultures, and races.


Transformers is Cheshire Academy’s transgender support group. Established in 2022, Transformers is a safe place where any CA students, who identify as transgender, non-binary, and/or gender-nonconforming, can talk freely about their experiences, seek advice from students who may have been in similar situations, be updated on important trans news or media, and more! This group is not a space for allies.

Tanasia Lea ’09

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Coed Track and Field Assistant Coach


Ana Henriques

Visual Arts Teacher; DEI Associate


Allissa Robinson

Roxbury Academic Support Instructor; DEI Associate