The CA Math Club

The CA Math Club meets weekly to practice a range of questions in preparation for high-level math contests, designed to challenge even the most gifted high school mathematician. Representatives from the Math Club participate each year in regional, national, and internationally recognized contests and competitions, including the American Math Competition (AMC), The Math League, the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, and both the Girls in Math and Math Majors of America Tournament for High Schools (MMATHS) at Yale.

The Eco Leaders

The Eco Leaders is a student leadership organization committed to advancing environmental sustainability at all levels: individual, community, and nationally. Eco Leaders approach sustainability from both an environmental as well as economic and cultural perspective. Students lead campus and community projects such as beach clean-ups, Earth Day celebrations, dorm recycling, and much more.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations through which delegates debate, collaborate, and attempt to solve wide-ranging international issues of immense importance. In so doing, participants develop skills in diplomacy, cooperation, and critical thinking that motivate lifelong global citizenship. Cheshire Academy’s Model United Nations group travels to Yale’s MUN conference each January.

Student Activities Committee

The Student Activities Committee (SAC) is focused on offering opportunities for school spirit and involvement. SAC helps plan and organize events for students. At weekly meetings, students work together to make decisions about what activities are needed at CA, and what they can do to improve student life at CA. SAC’s mission is to represent the Academy with a spirit of support for the entire student body. Spirit is the feeling or pride and loyalty that exists among the members of a group and community that helps to make the members of the group do their best!


DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. Students will gain valuable market experience while managing a mock portfolio. Investment opportunities and broader economic conditions will be discussed.

The Video Game Club

The purpose of this club is to have fun, play video games, and make friends! During club time, students will be playing video games such as Mario Party, Super Smash Bros., Fall Guys, Minecraft, and more. The specific games played during club meetings will be selected through a poll. There will be multiple games running simultaneously to allow many students to participate both in person and remotely!

The Chess Club

In this club, participants will have the opportunity to learn chess and improve their playing skills. Join in sharing your love of the ultimate board game! Chess is a fun game that incorporates many aspects of the active learner profile: knowledgeable, inquirers, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced, and reflective. The Chess Club will foster your intellectual growth in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and improve your critical thinking skills. We will play both in person and remotely!

The Global Student Union

The Global Student Union (GSU) is a group of students who work with the International Student Coordinator to organize trips and activities that highlight our diverse global community. Two unique events are our One World Different Cultures Day (OWDCD) in the fall and our International Festival Weekend in the winter. During OWDCD, we invite juniors and seniors to work with faculty members to put together an educational presentation that highlights their culture or heritage. They spend an afternoon presenting to our school community. During our International Festival Weekend, students, their families, and our faculty and staff come together to represent their respective cultures and celebrate their traditions. This exciting annual event is full of traditional food, music, and performances.

Gay/Straight Alliance

The Gay/Straight Alliance is a group of students who are allies for those who not only identify as gay or transgender, but also those who identify as a minority. The GSA sponsors social and educational events that celebrate diversity and individual differences. The group is a member of True Colors and GLAAD, two statewide organizations that provide resources and support to GSAs.

Diversity Club

Diversity Club embraces different cultures and strives to create a world with better understanding and open-mindedness. We build connections with each other and whomever to initiate well-informed and meaningful conversations. We welcome all and encourage everyone to join.

The Coleman Group

The Coleman Group is an action-oriented association of dynamic women who create a positive environment of experience and learning, enrich the lives of young women, and provide support to advance the mission of Cheshire Academy. During the year, we sponsor two major symposiums, a senior luncheon and a pin ceremony, and six girl talk meetings.

The Paw Print

The Paw Print is Cheshire Academy’s student-run newspaper written by the students for the students. Writers have the choice of writing about a wide variety of topics such as politics, world news, sports, upcoming holidays, and more!

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union provides a space for students who identify as Black to connect and learn more about their own diverse cultures and experiences. The BSU seeks to increase awareness of issues impacting the Black community as a whole and promote social justice. Our discussion sessions are open to those interested in learning about Black culture and advocating for social justice. Working with the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the BSU will help develop programming to celebrate Black culture throughout the year, including Black History Month and MLK Jr. Day. Members will also have the opportunity to participate in local cultural and diversity events.

Garden Club

Garden Club works on outdoor projects around the Cheshire Academy Campus, including planting and weeding the flower beds, maintaining the community garden on campus, and volunteering at a local greenhouse/nursery.

Debate Club

The Debate Club gives students of all abilities a fun way of developing their oracy skills. The club will also help students to become more informed about political and global affairs.

Art History Club

The Art History Club will give students the chance to discover and learn from one another about the visual arts and artists from history. Students can research an art movement, period, or artist, taking turns to present to the group as a topic of conversation. The atmosphere will be relaxed so there is no pressure to present a formal investigation (unless the student would desire to do so) but rather an informal discussion about an artist or artwork that the student finds engaging.

The Candy Club

The Candy Club explores the diverse world of candy with weekly offerings and discussions centering on candy from the USA and around the world.

Music Production Club

Music Production Club is a place for any student interested in making music on their computer. Students and faculty work together to provide a combination of support, feedback, and good conversation. Often, we share what music we are working on creating.

The Ich Dien Society

The Ich Dien Society is a student-run community service organization. Projects have included: two annual blood drives, a Pennies for Patients drive to fight childhood leukemia, and a schoolwide breast cancer awareness campaign during parents’ weekend to support the Play4theCure National Foundation for Cancer Research. This gives students a way to help their local community as well as the greater global community in which they live.

The Kindness Club

Help Cheshire Academy “throw kindness around like confetti.” While kindness in our community is no one group’s job, the RAK Club will organize and facilitate activities around campus to start the trend. The RAK Club will partner with the garden club to enhance and maintain the Kindness Garden near the humanities courtyard, and other clubs as it is appropriate to keep kindness flowing in our community.

In Tune Club

Do you want to get from a couch to a 5K? Maybe you want to get a little stronger? Maybe you want to know what is a healthy snack and what isn’t? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the In Tune Club is for you. This sports medicine/nutrition club is focused on the world of fitness, strength and conditioning, and nutrition. This club is open to athletes and non-athletes alike! During club time, students will explore and learn about sports medicine with specific focuses on proper lifting mechanics, proper nutrition for athletes and non-athletes, general fitness ideas for those weekend warriors, and much, much more!

Dance Club

Dance Club is an inclusive group for people who love to dance! We will take turns choreographing short dances and sharing techniques to improve our skills. We will meet both on campus and online. No dance experience is necessary to join.

Dungeons & Dragons Club

The Dungeons & Dragons Club will allow people to have a creative outlet where they can be open and imaginative. We will learn about fantasy storytelling and role-playing, and of course how to create an engaging campaign!
Some of the beginning activities may include improv games, learning of basic rules, making character sheets to help players visualize their characters, creating and naming different locations to explore, coming up with a quest(s), and more!

Ceramics Club

For students with some experience working with clay, this is a prerequisite. The time will be used to make ceramic work, both hand-built and thrown (wheel throwing will only be for those students who have wheel experience). Making bowls for our Empty Bowls fundraiser, which will take place at some point during the semester, will be one project we will be aiming for.

Astronomy Club

Stargazing anyone? During club time, students will meet, discuss, and explore different astronomical events and topics that are decided upon by the group. Students will plan and organize trips such as stargazing and observing astronomical events. A goal of the club is to participate in competitions and connect with other clubs/teams who are also involved in astronomy. The Astronomy Club is a great place to find and meet people with similar interests in astronomy. It is really amazing what likeminded people can do together!

Student Equity Team

The Student Equity Team (SET) is a leadership group for those interested in fighting against discrimination, racism, bias. SET members learn about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) concepts in order to develop the skills needed to listen empathically to others, gain appreciation for individual differences, and engage in civil discourse. SET serves as the voice of the student body by communicating DEI concerns to various stakeholders including the Director of DEI, the Board of Trustees Equity Task Force, faculty and staff, alumni, and parent groups. SET members create safe spaces for students to seek support regarding DEI issues. The SET participates in various campus wide DEI initiatives, promotes cross cultural communication, and models effective engagement in civil discourse. Members will also have the opportunity to participate in external diversity events.