Clubs and Activities

There is always something to do at Cheshire Academy! The number of clubs, activities, student publications and performance groups is extensive and often grows or changes to meet the interests of the students. There truly is something for everyone.

Afternoon Activities


The Afternoon Program is part of the educational philosophy and culture of Cheshire Academy, and is as important and inclusive as the academic, social, and residential facets of each day. The Afternoon Program helps each student to acclimate to the community and take pride in contributing to something bigger than themselves.


If you have any questions about afternoon activities, please contact Kathleen Hastie, student activities coordinator, by emailing kathleen.hastie@cheshireacademy.org.

Learn more: view afternoon activity offerings 



Clubs are an integral part of the Cheshire Academy experience, providing students with opportunities to freely express themselves through their creative passions, or by discovering and expanding upon new interests.


There is a club available for everyone at, with groups like the Eco Leaders, dedicated to advancing environmental sustainability; Student Ambassadors, who give tours to prospective students and show off their CA pride; the Paw Print student-run newspaper; and even the Candy Club, which explores candies from around the United States and around the world.


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