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What is “best” is different for every child. In its 226-year history, Cheshire Academy has been known for its program of individualized attention for each student. Parents commend CA for meeting students where they are in their academic and social development, and for serving the needs and aspirations of a range of learners. The school does this exceptionally well. 


Most students enter Cheshire Academy in their freshman or sophomore year; however, joining the school as a junior, senior, or postgraduate is also common and, for some, an opportunity to repeat a grade level. What all applicants share in common is a desire for top academics in a supportive and attentive high school environment. 


We are still accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year and welcome you to take the next step in exploring Cheshire Academy. Schedule a virtual tour of campus, an online face-to-face interview, or have your initial questions answered via phone or email—my staff and I would love to talk with you. At Cheshire Academy, you will find the options you seek to support and advance your child’s interests, talents, and academic career. 


Sara Lynn Leavenworth
Director of Admission


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