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Some opportunities for all, a solid academic program, about average. You are fortunate to have a school that is getting it right and doing it well … most of the time. Perhaps your child deserves more: a high-quality school that is better than “average.” They can excel and achieve their potential in the right environment where academic challenges are appreciated, and advanced studies and support are offered in equal measure. It’s time for a high school experience that is enhanced by personalized attention, a variety of opportunities, and a diverse student body. Explore options that help your child to achieve more during their college-prep journey.




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Schedule a quick video chat and connect with a Cheshire Academy admission officer and discover how your child can get the most out of their high school experience.





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Get an overview of the programs and opportunities offered at Cheshire Academy at our next informal Online Open House. Space is limited for these events so save your seat and register today. 





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