Unveiling the new athletics and activities sub-brand

May 11, 2021

Introducing the new face of Cheshire Academy athletics and student activities—the Cat’s Eye.

For decades, going back to when Cheshire Academy was The Roxbury School in the early 1910s, CA has been known as “the Cats.” Informal, passive, sometimes cute, and inconsistent cat images have come and gone over time and, in most recent years, an animal paw print has been used to make our mark. However, none were indicative of CA in any way.

Honoring the school’s proud past while moving intentionally into the future, the cat’s image has been taken to the next level, professionalized as a sub-brand by giving it more character and finesse. This sleek new look captures the spirit and drive of our student-athletes, musicians, artists, and leaders, through a set of bold icons that demonstrate prowess and determination.

The new sub-brand imagery was significantly inspired by cats’ eyes. Their vertical pupils give them a competitive edge, being able to keenly approximate the distance to their prey, deftly honing their depth perception, and focusing on the target. That same prowess is displayed in CA Cats who seek and meet their goals in all their endeavors, whether on the court or playing field, on the stage, or in the studio or classroom.

Whether performing, in a friendly or fierce competition, in pursuit of lofty goals, or finding solutions to tough problems, Cheshire Academy students and graduates face these challenges with a vengeance, prowess, and competitive edge unlike any other, and they always land on their feet.

The new Cat’s eye icons will be rolled out around campus, on signs, banners, merchandise, uniforms, gift items, apparel, and in print and online communications in the coming months.

Click here to watch the launch video, and to browse the new online store where you can purchase merchandise adorned with the new Cat’s Eye logos and with the traditional school logos.