Stadiums to Streets

December 16, 2022

Not many high school students can say they’ve published a book. Even fewer can say profits from their book sales went to a good cause. 

Devan Fernando ’23 is one who can not only boast a book launch, but a successful fundraising effort, too. 

Over the summer, Fernando published “Stadiums to Streets: An Anthropologic Perspective on the Origins, History, & Impact of Sports.” In the novel, Fernando uncovers sports’ economic, political, cultural, social, and ideological role in historic and contemporary societies. 

“For me, it’s always been interesting to see that, no matter how different societies are, sports are a part of their culture,” Fernando said. 

Funds raised will be donated to the Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministries nonprofit organization. Fernando, as well as Santino Gambardella ’23 and Anthony Tirado ’23, collected and donated used sporting equipment to GWIM last summer. 

So far, Fernando has raised approximately $600 through support from the Cheshire Academy community. He is collecting donations through his own nonprofit, Play-On! 

“It’s really something that’s very special to me,” Fernando said. “I’m very grateful for this community to help support my cause.” 

“Stadiums to Streets” can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here.