Science Department

The Science Department creates a student-centered environment that fosters an appreciation for the nature of science and its interconnectedness to the global community. Students have opportunities to learn about topics through inquiry and engage in the collection and interpretation of data, as well as discussing and presenting facts. Students are immersed in the practices of science where they apply their understanding of core concepts to today’s issues and questions.


“Students often harbor the misconception that science is hard, and that learning Science needs to be a bunch of lecture notes. Things are only hard if you decide they are, but if you engage with the material and connect it to the world you already know, you can learn anything.”

— Science Co-Chairs Colleen Cruise and Lauren Kelly

Samantha Cieri

Science Teacher; Varsity Softball Head Coach

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Caron Quantick

Science Teacher; Girls' JV Volleyball Head Coach; Girls' Varsity Basketball Coach

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William Duggan

Science Teacher; JV Volleyball Coach

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Rania Hassan

Science Teacher

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Anthony Ferraro

Science Teacher; JV Boys' Soccer Coach

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Lauren Kelly

Science Co-Chair; Girls' Varsity Soccer Head Coach; Coed Track and Field Coach

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Colleen Cruise

Science Co-Chair; Coed Varsity Cross Country Head Coach; Coed Track and Field Coach

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