Cheshire Academy unveils new look


Always looking forward. 


Introducing a whole new look and attitude for Cheshire Academy athletics and activities! 


For decades, Cheshire Academy has been known as the home of “the Cats.” Over the years, informal, passive, and inconsistent cat images have come and gone. Most recent, an animal paw print has been used to make our mark, but the image was never indicative in any way of CA and its character. 


Introducing the Cat’s Eye—the eye of a predator. Cats’ vertical pupils give them a competitive edge, being able to keenly approximate the distance to their prey, deftly honing their depth perception, and focusing on the target. 


That same prowess is displayed in our Cats who seek and meet their goals in all their endeavors, whether on the court or playing field, on the stage, or in the studio or classroom. Our Cats face any and all challenges with a vengeance, prowess, and competitive edge unlike any other, and they always land on their feet.


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The Cats through the years…