Postgraduate Ceremony celebrates academic, athletic accomplishments

May 14, 2021

The sun was shining down on the postgraduate class of 2021 on May 13, when they received their certificates for completion of the Cheshire Academy Postgraduate Program. 

Family, friends, faculty, and staff gathered on Sevigny Field to congratulate the 10 postgraduates. Following the ceremony, families gathered for pictures, thanked their students’ coaches and College Counseling Office staff, and wished the students luck on the next venture—college. 

PG Will Bergin shared a few words about his postgraduate experience at Cheshire Academy. He laughed at himself for being in the wrong location at Convocation—he was at the Simosa Field and Track while his classmates were gathering outside of J.J. White—and recalled his peers cheering as he sprinted to them after realizing his error. He looked back on the past year, which included the academic requirements of the Postgraduate Program, 12:30 p.m. weekly Zoom calls for varsity football, abiding by COVID-19 protocols, and successfully playing three games. 

Bergin was also the recipient of the Armando Simosa ’08 Award, given in memory of Simosa. The award is given to the postgraduate student who has embraced the values of Cheshire Academy and exemplified the Eight Pillars of Bowden, displayed significant academic growth, participated enthusiastically in the extracurricular life of CA, and earned the recognition and admiration of their peers. 

“As a PG class … we all persevered through this rough year physically and mentally. As a group we stuck together and made it all the way to the end of the final sendoff,” Bergin said. “I’m proud of everyone finding a new home or finding one in the near future. I have to thank College Counseling and our coaches for getting us to the places we want to be, as well as putting us in a place to excel at the next level.” 

Brian Otis ’89.

Brian Otis, a member of the Board of Trustees and postgraduate class of 1989, congratulated the graduating students. He reflected on his transformative postgraduate year at CA, and how he remains involved with the school to this day. “You will forever be part of the fabric that makes this school special, and I do hope you will forever stay connected to Cheshire Academy.” 

Head of School Julie Anderson offered three pieces of advice the students, garnered from the book “How to Be More Tree: Essential Life Lessons for Perennial Happiness”: to stand their ground, to make the most of their community, and to love the age they are. 

“I hope you leave here today with a full heart, knowing that a part of your story will forever be intertwined with the students beside you and connected to Cheshire Academy. As you continue to write your story, remember that at the end of any journey, the most comforting place to be is home,” Anderson said. “You chose to be here, and that decision will always guide you back home, to this core group, back to this community, back to your Cheshire Academy family.” 

Photos: To view more pictures of the Postgraduate Ceremony, visit our Flickr album here.