One World Different Cultures day

November 17, 2021

Chile, China, Mexico, and India—these are just a few of the countries that students at CA “visited” during the annual One World Different Cultures event held on Nov. 16. 

Sponsored by CA’s International Student Union, the Cheshire Academy community learned more about countries around the world, their traditions, cultures, and geography from students that call those countries home. This year, students from 21 different countries are attending CA.

The program is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about the world; discovering new cultures through travel and through community engagement is an important way to prepare themselves to live and work within a global environment. During the event:  

  • Chinese students taught their peers how to write traditional Chinese characters, the history of and how to use chopsticks, and unique and interesting foods and fun facts about their home country 
  • A student from Switzerland discussed traditions and shared some Swiss chocolate 
  • Ukrainian students showed a brief video demonstrating the diversity of their country, and how to make Montanka yarn dolls 
  • Students from Mexico spoke about their country’s history, culture, music, and traditions 
  • A student from Chile spoke about her favorite places to visit 
  • Indian students spoke about Diwali, a festival of lights, and how their families prepare for the celebration


Photos from the event can be seen on our online Flickr gallery here.