Mathematics & Computer Science Department

The Mathematics & Computer Science Department molds critical thinkers. With an integrated curriculum, new-age electives, and a healthy helping of blended learning, we are committed to providing innovative, student-centered courses. Within each course, students are encouraged to take risks and work collaboratively with a backdrop of significant individual support. Core classes are offered at every learner’s level, so all students will find classic Math concepts and their worldly applications truly accessible.


“Math pushes students to be imaginative, skeptical, and curious where they might otherwise settle for simple answers. Everyone wants them to grow as thinkers and problem solvers; this takes practice.”

—Mathematics Chair Nick Joaquin 

Nathaniel Gartner

Math Teacher; JV Football Head Coach; Varsity Football Coach; Coed Track and Field Head Coach

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Nicholas Joaquin

Computer Science Teacher; Boys' Varsity Soccer Head Coach; Boys' Varsity Lacrosse Coach

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Daniel Casella

Math Teacher; Junior Varsity Baseball Coach

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Andrew McBreen

Math Teacher; Girls' Varsity Volleyball Head Coach

203-439-7207 email: Andrew McBreen PROFILE

Michael Ropke

Math Teacher; Boys' JV Soccer Head Coach; Coed Ski Team Coach

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Samuel Schnur

Math Teacher; Boys' Varsity Basketball Coach

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Thomas Marshall

Math Teacher

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Rachel Wright

Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs

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