Lewis, Sebastian soar with the Eagles

November 3, 2020

Two recent Cheshire Academy alumni have been making national news for their athletic prowess on the Boston College Eagles football team. 

During BC’s near upset of top-ranked Clemson University on Oct. 31, both CJ Lewis ’17 and Brandon Sebastian ’17 dominated the field with two tremendous plays in the 34-28 lossWith 12:30 left in the second quarter, Clemson fumbled the ball, which was recovered by Sebastian, who returned the ball for a touchdown. 

With a minute left in the same quarter, BC faked a 40-yard field goal attempt, securing a first down. The play called for a throw to Lewis who, under pressure by a defending Clemson player in the end zone, narrowly caught the football to score. 

At CA, Lewis and Sebastian were both multi-sport athletes. Both competed as part of CA’s coed track and field team, and Sebastian also played basketball. David Dykeman, associate head of school and head football coach, said about the two, “Their story is incredible. These two guys were a part of a star-power team. CJ and Brandon are making national plays week after week. They’ve just been exploding and have been unbelievable this year.” 

See both plays below.

Photos courtesy of BC Athletics.