Kraig Binkowski to display artwork at Cheshire Academy

October 28, 2019

Printmaker Kraig Binkowski will be putting his work on display at the Kohn-Joseloff Gallery at Cheshire Academy throughout the months of November and December.

Binkowski, chief librarian at the Yale Center for British Art, first began making prints 30 years ago. He holds both Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees in printmaking. 

An artist 
talk and reception is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 7 at the Gallery, 10 Main StMembers of the public are invited to attend. 

 prints will be on display from Nov. 4 until Dec. 19. 

“Throughout my years of printmaking, I have created imagery that explores the play of light across figures and surfaces,” Binkowski reflected, of his work. “Always concerned with process and the inherent and distinctive qualities of mark-making in etchings and woodcuts, I celebrate the richness of the medium. My woodcuts are recognizably ‘of wood’ and never hide the distinctive beauty of carving into wood.”

Universal themes
 Binkowski weaves through his work include isolation in the urban environment, sadness and tranquility, and nature’s interaction with modern life. Binkowski’s products are comprised of “still, quiet scenes” in which a greyness pervades, but where hopeful notes of light and shadow penetrate the solitude. 

“In my prints, I’m interested in an honesty of mark making—emphasizing the natural qualities of the wood block,” he said. “The image, the wood, and the tools used to create it live harmoniously within each woodcut, and the grain of wood is always an important partner in the print.”

Binkowski previously 
taught Yale History of Art students on printmaking processes and procedures, as well as led woodcut courses at the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven. 

For more information, contact Gallery Director Karleen 
Kubat at karleen.kubat@cheshireacademy.org.