Resources and updates for the 2023-2024 school year - for CA students, parents and families - are available [Click Here](https://cheshireacademy.org/resources/)
Resources and updates for the 2023-2024 school year - for CA students, parents and families - are available [Click Here](https://cheshireacademy.org/resources/)
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In Their Own Words

At Cheshire Academy, we encourage our students to look forward to where they want to go. Below, you’ll meet real students who are well on their way. Hear their thoughts. Learn about their stories. See how a uniquely individualized education is helping to transform their lives, and bring out their very best.


Ethan Ethan
North Haven, CT

Honor roll student, Athlete, Goal-oriented

Meet Ethan

Deciding to attend CA

“I saw Cheshire Academy as a place where I could fit in ethnically as well as maximize my potential as a student-athlete and young man.”

A tight-knit community

“I love how interconnected our school is and the tight-knit environment where everyone knows one another.”

New, broadening experiences

“At CA, I’ve been able to try new things and find new interests. I’ve explored clubs on campus like the Diversity Club. I’ve also been able to connect daily with people from across the globe, helping me to learn that the world is bigger than we realize.”

Changes in my life

“Leaving my former school at the age of 16 definitely turned me from a naive, shy kid into a confident and compassionate young man, who has a genuine desire to make himself and others around him the best versions we can be.”

Advice to future CA students

“Don’t get overwhelmed. Realize that you’re in a community where everyone wants the best for you. Try new things—with the opportunities CA has to offer, you never know if that interest you had in an activity or club might one day turn into a future profession.”

You’re in a community where everyone wants the best for you.
Caroline Caroline
Southington, CT

Peer mentor, Student leader, Student-athlete, Artist

Meet Caroline

Why I chose Cheshire Academy

“Along with the obvious benefits of a college prep school such as college-style classes and giving myself a better chance to attend more competitive universities, what spoke to me most about CA was the passion all of the teachers had for educating students.”

Being part of a diverse community

“The opportunity to meet people from all over the world has been a very rewarding experience for me, as I’ve been able make close, lifelong friends in the process of strengthening my international mindfulness.”

Equipped for success

“CA has prepared me in every way as a learner. Between cultivating my note taking skills, developing good time management, establishing strong relationships with my teachers, and utilizing all my available resources—these are skills that will help me to succeed in higher education and beyond.”

A newfound confidence

“Cheshire Academy has helped me become more confident in myself. With encouragement both inside and outside the classroom from friends and faculty, I’ve discovered that what I’m capable of exceeds what my freshman self could have ever thought possible.”

The faculty is devoted to helping students be successful and are your biggest fans.
Temilade Temilade
A Future Envisioned
Weymouth, MA

Class leader, Prefect, Social justice advocate, 
Investment intern

Meet Temilade

Small is huge

“I chose Cheshire Academy because it was a smaller school with a good student-to-teacher ratio. I wanted a more intimate school and social life, and being at a smaller school was good for that.”

The boarding advantage

“My favorite part about being a boarding student here is the relationships I’ve been able to build. I’ve met people from all over the world, which is such a privilege. I’ve made lifelong friendships at CA that I’ll cherish forever.”

Try it, you might like it

“I never imagined myself studying Economics. Coming to CA, I wanted to be a radiologist, but after some business opportunities I received, that changed. I was able to participate in the Invest in Girls program, which educates girls about finance, and I had the chance to intern at an investment firm. I became interested in investments, and I’m now taking Economics to further my knowledge of finance.”

A path made clear

“I’ve grown as I’ve learned to utilize the many resources available at CA. I’ve learned more about myself and what I want to be in the future because of the experiences and opportunities I’ve had during my time here.”

I am savoring every moment at CA. I don’t want to take this experience for granted.
Cade Cade
Kingston, NY

Student-athlete, Enthusiastic boarder, Self-advocate

Meet Cade

A close, supportive community

“My favorite part about being a student at Cheshire Academy is that everyone is so close. CA is one big family. Whenever I need something, I feel I can go to anyone on campus and they won’t hesitate to help.”

The boarding experience

“What I really appreciate—but I never imagined I would—is living in a dorm. I thought it would be the worst part of going to school two hours away, but it turns out I love it. Living in the same building with my friends and teammates is the best.”

Every resource to succeed

“CA offers so much help academically, and with every possible resource. I would encourage everyone to take advantage of the many resources here. Early on I didn’t realize that, but now having used them, I’ve seen a huge improvement in my academic performance.”

A well-rounded education

“At CA, I have grown tremendously as a student—with participating in class, asking teachers for help, and enjoying all that I’m learning. I’ve also grown as an athlete—working hard on and off the field to reach my goals.”

As a boarder, I enjoy the responsibility of doing things on my own.
Qing Qing
Nickname: Amy
Beijing, China

Self-advocate, Avid skier

Meet Qing

Learning to meet challenges

“People who study abroad alone for the first time will certainly encounter challenges, such as language, dorm living, courses, and more. However, every teacher here has been very helpful, teaching me how to more calmly and patiently face challenges and find solutions.”

A newfound passion

“I’m a cautious person, so the first time I saw skiing on the afternoon activity list, I was curious but also scared. But my ski coach, who was also my French teacher, recommended that I should definitely try it if I was interested. Then I learned to ski and fell in love with it.”

Like a family

“The teachers and staff at Cheshire Academy are so hospitable. Once I had a skiing accident, and the nurses in the Health Center took care of me like a mother. They understood my parents’ concern when I was injured abroad, alone. Here, each student is treated like a family member.”

Advice for other international students

“This is a big and warm family. I would say just speak out, share what you think or feel, so the caring people at Cheshire Academy can give you the help you need.”

I really like how caring and enthusiastic the teachers are.
Nate Nate
Wallingford, CT
Colgate University

IB Diploma recipient, Roxbury rock star, Student-athlete, Licensed pilot

Meet Nate

Leaving your comfort zone

“At CA, you always feel encouraged and excited to try new things and to step out of your comfort zone. With its small student body and enthusiastic teachers, you are always surrounded by an intricate support system of people who want you to succeed.”

A boost in confidence

“Cheshire Academy has made me so much more confident in myself, both as a student and an individual. I’ve never had such a massive network of friends, and through the school’s never-ending support, I became stronger academically than I had ever imagined myself capable of.”

Roxbury Academic Support Program

“Roxbury was beyond helpful. I had the terrific opportunity to meet one-on-one with teachers and advisors who truly cared about improving my skills as a student in ways that would last long after my time at CA. Roxbury teachers completely transformed my work ethic.”

An unmatched opportunity to grow

“During my four years at CA, I developed more as a person than I thought possible. It was a chance to step out and try new things and make new friends—and truly, there is nowhere better to do it.”

In a close community, you make lifelong friends with people from all over the world.
Kunda Kunda
Lusaka, Zambia

Prefect, Mentor, Diversity leader, Advancement intern

Meet Kunda

Choosing Cheshire Academy

“I loved the sense of community and diversity of the school. I had always wanted to go to boarding school and Cheshire Academy was the best-fit school for me to grow as an independent student.”

Opportunities, everywhere

“CA offers students so many opportunities. There is a lot to do whether it’s on or off campus. Between school, clubs, and activities, there are always ways to get involved.”

Growing as a professional

“The internship at the Advancement Office is something I decided to try during my senior year. I’ve really liked it as it has helped me be more professional, and I have gained a new skill of making connections to alumni.”

Becoming a self-advocate

“In my high school experience at CA, I’ve learned the importance of hard work and the value of reaching out for extra help when I need it.”

A transformative education

“I have changed tremendously since being a freshman here at CA. I have gained a lot of confidence, and with the help of my friends and teachers, I have grown, matured, and come out of my shell.”

I have gained a lot of confidence ... with the help of my friends and teachers.
Katelyn Katelyn
Meriden, CT

Day student, Fencer, Thespian

Meet Katelyn

The freedom and support to be me

“My favorite parts about being a student at CA are my independence and strong relationships within the community. Here, I’ve always felt free to choose my own path, while also having the structure needed to feel supported.”

Close community as a day student

“As a day student at CA, I’ve forged strong relationships inside and outside of the classroom: eating dinner in the dining hall, attending school events (especially the Lunar New Year festival!), and studying in the library.”

The confidence to step out

“When I arrived at CA, I was shy and never participated. I now feel much more confident and comfortable participating in the classroom. I had never played a sport, and I’m now a member of the varsity fencing team. And, I’d never been in a theatrical production before, and yet I’ve helped write scenes and played minor parts.”

Potential realized

“Due to the independence CA has given me, I’ve been able to develop parts of myself that I had never recognized. At CA, I am continuously reminded that at any point I can try something new and be welcomed with open arms.”

I am confident of my future because of the support and backing of this community.
Jonathan Jonathan
Waterbury, CT

Student-athlete, Achiever, Artist

Meet Jonathan

The opportunity to better myself

“I’ve always wanted to be the best version of myself, and going to CA was the best choice I have ever made. This school provides so many ways for students to grow, and they are with you every step of the way.”

Support when I most needed it

“Playing football, the coach showed amazing interest in me, which is what I needed at the time. I needed someone to take a chance on me and he did, and for that I’m forever grateful.”

The art of trying new things

“I tried ceramics for the first time with Ms. Kubat and it was a pretty amazing experience. I was lucky enough to have the class with a fun teacher and a group of people who have become close friends. I was able to learn how to create art and I still have a couple pieces to this day!”

Prepared for college, prepared for life

“At CA, I’ve become the man I was meant to be. I’ve grown as a student. I’ve learned life skills like time management, social skills, and common sense when making decisions. These are all assets I’ll be able to use when I get to Williams College next year.”

This school provides so many ways for students to grow.
Zingyi Zingyi
Nickname: Tyler
Shanghai, China

Theatre technician, Active participant

Meet Zingyi

An attentive community

“Cheshire Academy provides a great environment for students to collaborate and communicate comfortably with their teachers and friends. That prompted me to enroll at CA, knowing it is a place where my questions and any challenges could be quickly answered.”

Growing through involvement

“I enjoy the many activities on campus. These opportunities enable me to develop my interests and skills, like leadership. Instead of worrying about how well I might perform, I’m pleased to have opportunities to grow my abilities and character.”

Taking center stage

“I never imagined myself performing with others in theater in front of students and teachers, but I ended up liking it. I found it interesting because there are so many parts of theater you can work on that help with the performances, such as lighting and background music.”

Expanding my comfort zone

“When I first came to CA, I was not courageous enough to speak to many of the other students. As time passed, however, I opened myself up and got fully accustomed to school life. Now I’m always looking for something that I can participate in and ways to contribute to our community.”

I’m always looking for something that I can participate in.

So, where do you want to go? Whatever your interests, whatever your ambitions, this is an empowering community that will encourage and support you in every way. Come to Cheshire Academy. Discover your passion. Unleash your promise. Look forward to anywhere you want to go.