Fine and Performing Arts Department

The purpose of Art is to discover, unearth, and enhance various ways of engaging with the world and the human experience. We do that in this department through performance and creative acts which become the instruments of personal expression, and which are meaningful in their relationship to the larger world.


“As a teacher in the arts, I have been fortunate so often to witness the emergence of a student’s creative spirit. What a joy to be a part of that process.”

— Art Chair Fran Poisson

Francois Poisson

Fine & Performing Arts Chair; Thirds Basketball Head Coach


Antonio Alfaiate

Visual Arts Teacher; Varsity Golf Head Coach; Filmmaking Club Advisor


Kate Bobsein

Music Teacher; Dorm Head of Hurley Hall


Eunyoung DiGiacomo

Director of the Music Program


Ana Henriques

Visual Arts Teacher; DEI Associate


Patrick Laffin

Theater Teacher; Director of the Theater Program


Naomi Senzer

Music Instructor, Flute