College Workshop Day

October 20, 2023

The morning of Wednesday, Oct. 18 was a busy one for Cheshire Academy, as three quarters of the student body were taking practice college admissions tests and receiving guidance on critical pieces of the college application process.

Every year, the College Counseling Office — with the support of faculty and staff — dedicates one day to meeting 12th grade students and postgraduates where they are in the college application process and assisting them with any questions they may have. CA faculty served as advisors for students looking for feedback on their college essays, guidance on the application process, and help navigating Naviance and NCAA eligibility. They also held mock interviews, asking students questions that might arise during a real college or job interview.

Students walked away from the experience with more confidence and better prepared for the next chapter of their academic career.

Meanwhile, students in 11th and 10th grade took the PSATs and practice PreACTs on campus. Students in 9th grade traveled off campus to participate in class-bonding activities.