Taking the lead with energy savings LED project

September 30, 2019

Cheshire, Connecticut — As part of its focused commitment to sustainability, Cheshire Academy has kicked off the first phase of a multi-step energy initiative by beginning a campus-wide relamping program. Upon completion of the installation, the new LED lighting will save an estimated 386,162 kilowatt hours (kWh) each year, equating to nearly $82,000 in annual savings. This relamping, being done by USA LED, will be completed at 360 fixture locations and result in over 2,000 bulbs being replaced.

This project is a visible implementation of a communitywide commitment to sustainability at Cheshire Academy. Currently celebrating its 225th anniversary, Academy leadership understands that, in looking forward to the next century of educating young people, it has a responsibility to play a part in conservation and stewardship of the environment.

A key facet of the Cheshire Academy mission is to enable students to thrive as 21st century global citizens. Cheshire Academy Sustainability Coordinator Jennifer Dillion states, “Very few issues are more global than our environment. This initiative speaks specifically to the triple bottom line of sustainability. Cheshire Academy will be saving hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours, saving tens of thousands of dollars annually, and creating a healthier-built environment for learning.”

The LED relamping will continue throughout the semester, with project completion estimated by the start of 2020. Additional projects, planned for later years, include tapping into solar power.