Cheshire Academy places in 2021 Connecticut Science Olympiad

April 16, 2021

Cheshire Academy’s Science Olympiad team secured solid rankings during the 2021 Connecticut Science Olympiad, including fourth place for the Dynamic Planet event. 

Peiran Li ’22

Competing in the Dynamic Planet event were Peiran Li ’22 and Raymond Zhong ’23 who, according to the Connecticut Science Olympiad event descriptions, had to dive deep and solve problems in physical and geological oceanography. 

This year’s competition was especially tough, with Cheshire Academy’s team having only nine members. In prior years, CA attended the Olympiad events with more than 15 membersHowever, they still placed 19th out of 36 teams, with each CA student competing in more than one event. 

The other members of the CA Science Olympiad team are Jane Golden ’21, Shreeya Gomathinayagam ’24James Guo ’22, Kavin Kathir ’22, Elissa Lilly ’22, Alex Tang ’23, Steven Zeng ’23In total, they competed in 17 events. Li ranked fifth in the Boomilever event, which required contestants to design, construct, and test a lightweight cantilever beam to support 15 kilograms. Guo and Zhong placed eighth in Machines, which required teams to design, build ahead, calibrate, and test a lever-based compound machine to determine the ratio between two masses. 

Other events included:

  • Anatomy (Zeng) 
  • Astronomy (Zhong) 
  • Chemistry Lab (Guo, Tang) 
  • Circuit Lab (Guo) 
  • Codebusters (Guo) 
  • Designer Genes (Gomanthinayagam, Li) 
  • Disease Detectives (Kathir, Lilly) 
  • Experimental Design (Kathir) 
  • Forensics (Golden) 
  • Fossils (Golden, Gomathinayagam) 
  • Geological Mapping (Gomathinayagam) 
  • Ornithology (Golden) 
  • Protein Modeling (Gomathinayagam) 
  • Water Quality (Guo, Li)