Cats announce athletics plan for fall

August 6, 2020

We value and support competition, team building, fitness, and wellness through formal programs and informal opportunities. From student-athletes preparing for college play and beyond to casual, recreational athletes who simply enjoy or are learning a sport, it is integral for all in the Cheshire Academy experience.  


Similar to schools against whom we compete, we continue to monitor all factors related to the return to school sports, and will do so throughout September. The Founders League and other independent school leagues have already canceled their fall season, as have several at the collegiate level. Public school programs are, to some extent, in limbo, awaiting further guidance from state and local officials. 


We know it would be difficult to proceed with our usual athletics program. Therefore, as of August 5, CA athletics will proceed as follows:  


  • There will be no formal preseason.  
  • Team practices will begin on Sept. 8 (following physical distance, sanitation, and other safety protocols).  
  • Practices will be held, as usual, after school; however, when appropriate, some teams and players may have the option to workout and/or practice in the mornings as long as they don’t have other priorities such as a class, test prep, extra help, or other club or co-curricular activities. How and when competition will take place depends on the sport.  
  •  If we are able to safely compete against other teams, most CA teams will play a limited schedule against other schools (to be announced) in October and November, up to our break for Thanksgiving.  
  • It is likely no team will play more than one game per week. 


Since change is inevitable, we will be flexible and nimble in delivering an effective and valuable program for our students, and will continue to expand—or decrease—options as necessary to ensure health, competitive play, and compliance with prevailing guidelines and mandates.  


At the start of school, our coaches will be meeting and working with teams and players on workouts, training, drills, team activities, fitness and wellness, etc. In addition, student-athletes who need film to share with colleges will be supported by the Athletics Department. We will also increase opportunities for fun, non-competitive activities, as well as intramural games. We are also significantly increasing the open hours of our fitness center, yoga room, and strength and conditioning centers, and our coaches are readily available.