Afternoon Activities

Competitive Activities

Cheshire Academy has more than 20 interscholastic sports offerings. Visit our team pages to learn more

Team Manager

Managing a team is a very important job and will count as a Competitive Activity. Duties vary from team to team. Duties include running the clock and recording stats at practice, maintaining the scorebook during games, maintaining hydration at games, filming games, pre and post practice and game organization assistance with set up and clean up, and making sure everything for away games is on the bus. The coach will provide a plan and plenty of guidance.

Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad is a nationwide organization dedicated to promoting science education through competitive science tournaments. Olympiad teams spend months studying for the big competition, all the while learning new things and making new friends. The competition is an exciting day, and the winners get to go to nationals. In Science Olympiad, teams of up to 15 students meet and compete in about 23 different science events that cover many different areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. Some events require constructing a project ahead of time, while others involve on-the-spot application of skills to a given problem. Individual students win medals for placing in an event, with cumulative scores yielding overall team placement at a tournament. For more information, visit https://www.soinc.org/


The drama department welcomes actors, singers, stage crew, and tech crew for the three performances which take place throughout the school year, including a fall play, winter musical, and a student-led spring production that ranges from improv and devised theater to cabaret. The performances are always a significant commitment, but also a good time, with fantastic shows for the community to enjoy!


The annually published Rolling Stone, Cheshire Academy’s yearbook, is a herculean project produced by a committed team of students and their faculty coaches. In honor of the amount of effort and teamwork needed to produce a quality document of 100-plus pages, participants in the yearbook may substitute one competitive athletic offering to join the club. Student participants may photograph campus events, format yearbook pages, and write copy for selected images. In addition, students are responsible for choosing pictures for the yearbook and organizing content for pages, which may include working with seniors, parents, and community partners.

Community Service

Cheshire Academy values giving back to the community, which is why we allow students to substitute one competitive athletics offering for a season of immersive community service. From recycling to our annual blood drive, participants in the community service afternoon activity know that they’re making a difference. In addition, students are welcome to suggest community service projects for the community service afternoon activity. Since this activity is part of the Afternoon Program, the proposed community service project must be substantial and require a minimum of four hours a week.

Non-Competitive Offerings


Students who are working on a portfolio may use any of the creative spaces in the art building to develop individual projects during afternoon activity time.





This select group of students works closely with our Student Activities and Athletic Events Coordinator to help organize and create student activities for the weekends, school dances, spirit sections at sporting events, and capture pictures and video of students in action in order to share the of story of life at Cheshire Academy. Interns are involved in photography, videography, graphic design, blogging, social media, and editing.