Music Major

With the Music Major at Cheshire Academy, you’ll pursue your passion for music and be prepared for college or a career as a professional musician.


Unique to Cheshire Academy, the Music Major capstone offers a yearlong course designed for honors-level student-musicians who are dedicated to exploring the art of expressing meaning through sound. As a student in the capstone, you may be considering majoring or minoring in music at the collegiate level or aspiring to a career as a professional musician.

Why Should I Choose the Music Major at Cheshire Academy? 

In this course, you’ll be challenged and inspired to channel your passion for music and strive to achieve your full potential, producing work that reflects your unique abilities and dedication to the art form.

Who Can Take Cheshire Academy’s Music Major Course? 

While Music Major is particularly beneficial for students who plan to apply to music programs for college, all students with a strong interest and background in music can thrive in this class.

How Will I Benefit from the Music Major at Cheshire Academy? 

At the heart of this course is the process of music mastery, with a rigorous focus on developing skills such as practice, nuance, phrasing, performance, and technical proficiency, all of which are essential for creating top-level music.

Throughout the course, you will have opportunities to perform regularly and engage in audition preparation, showcasing your talents and honing your skills. You will receive individual lessons for your specialty instrument from world-class teachers.