SAT Prep Courses

For the 2019-20 academic year, separate classes for the SAT and ACT will be offered. Classes cover all sections of the tests, with the exception of the essays, which you can study using supplemental videos available on the SAT and ACT portal pages. Theresa Mautner is well versed in both tests. Students will learn key terms and strategies for success on the SAT and ACT and have access to a variety of resources including a video library of explanations to various questions from the Official Guides.

Registration is only open to Cheshire Academy students. Students from all grades can take the courses. If you are taking the course only once, it is recommended that you take the class that is offered closest to your target test date. Please also be mindful of your athletic commitments when registering for the course.

Helpful Links

Official SAT Study Guide

Official ACT Study Guide

Math Video explanations Link 1 Link 2

SupertutorTV on YouTube

About the Instructor


Ms. Mautner earned a perfect score of 2400 on the former SAT. Ms. Mautner took the May 2016 SAT administration and scored in the 99th percentile in a Nationally Representative Sample Percentile. She was named Tutor of the Year at Ivy Bound Test Prep in 2016 and 2017. Ms. Mautner received her state of Connecticut teacher certification for English grades 7 to 12 through the Department of Education’s Alternate Route to Certification. She is also a graduate of Columbia’s Graduate School of Education where she received a degree in the Teaching of English. Ms. Mautner has been tutoring for the new SAT and ACT (with the new essay and paired passages in the Reading Section) for the past three years.