2020 Celebration

As the 2019-20 school year comes to an end, it’s time to honor our students for their academic and community achievements. Please enjoy Cheshire Academy’s Yearend Awards presentation below. Also, check out a video of our faculty and staff celebrating the Class of 2020 with surprise home visits to our local students. Try out CA’s Class of 2020 Facebook Frame and Instagram Filter, and check back for daily updates on this page through Saturday, May 30.

A Message From James Van Der Beek ’95 



Celebrating The Class of 2020



A Message From HOS Julie Anderson



A Message From Dr. Suzanne Austin ’70



Commencement Awards

Recipients to be announced at Commencement, tentatively planned for August 16, 2020


Karen J. Smith Scholarship Award for Scholastic Improvement

The Morris Sweetkind Senior English Prize

William A. Hassell Senior Lab Science Prize

James P Loder Foreign Language Award

The Jerome J. Sullivan Senior Mathematics Prize

The Ann J. Moriarty Social Science Prize

The Bevan Loree Dupre Award

The Ralph Morgan Griffiths Award

The Jeffrey Thomas Marshall Scholarship Award

The Frederick Vollrath Richmond Award

The Costin Cup

The John J. White ’38 Leadership Award

The Sheridan Plaque

2020 Awards Ceremony



National Honor Society Induction



Congratulations Class of 2020


Omesi Abulu, Lucas Alfaiate, Audrey Allen, Andrew Bahl, Kate Bajohr, Brianna Bavaro, Ethan Benjamin, Asa Beyah, Nathan Biller, Alexander Bjersér, Meghan Bouwman, Micaiah Bradley, Faith Breen, Isabella Brooder, Grace Carangelo, Taylor Castelot, Krystal Charter, Zelin Cheng, Hanjun Cui, Charles Davis, Hazar Demirkol, Brooke Einhorn, Kartik Erodula, Zachary Fazzino, Gregory Fernstrom, Ryan Fournier, Dante Giano, Julia Gillotti, Michael Giove, Akilah Goldson, Tianshi Gong, Jenna Hains, Trevor Hampson, Hailey Hayward, Lawrence Hendon-Dahl, Boyang Hou, Roan Iribarren, Zehao Jiang, Casey Kania, Owen Kempton, Salena Khan, Sarah Khan, Sunghwan Kim, Emma Klinge, Willjam Lempling, Jingyi Li, Zexuan Li, Zhifei Li, Zihan Li, Shaoyi Liu, Mingrui Lu, Yeran Lu, Chen Lyu, Sandra Maina, Annsley Martin, Fabiana McLeod, Riley Norwood, Samuel Perrin, John Perry, Kevin Powers, Olivienne Redding, Nicholas Resendiz, Jack Roberge, Jordan Robinson, Samyuth Sagi, Connor Schatzman, Yunnan Shen, Zhenyi Sheng, Joyce Shi, Tewei Song, Tanner Soybel, Dante Strollo, Russell Tevie, Tsz Kei Wai, Yi Wang, Julia Williamson, Olivia Williamson, Addison Witkowski, Xinnuo Xie, Xiangyu Yan, Luc Yokoi, Hao Yu, Arkadii Zaprudnov, Zhejian Zhang, HongQin Zheng,

D. Robert Gardiner Excellence in Teaching Award


Class of 2020 Home Visits








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We look forward to celebrating commencement with the Class of 2020 in person on August 16. (subject to change)